Friday, March 02, 2012

Blogging On CBS' DEFEND YOUR RIDE: The Soda Guy on a Vespa & Two Reliable Rides

CBS DFW published three more of my Defend Your Ride Interviews! Tony only made me want a moped even more and Morgan was quite a character - check out her pirate hat below. I can promise you those two will be interesting reads.

Tony with his 2007 Orange Vespa Buddy 50 Scooter
"I always wanted a motorcycle when I was a kid.
My parents wouldn’t let me have it. Now I don’t have to ask permission!"
Read the Interview & View More Pics >>

Morgan in her Electric Blue 2008 Honda Fit Sport
"We had crazy hat day at work the other day."
Read the Interview & View More Pics >>

Pace in his 2011 Subaru Legacy
"I’m not really the sing along type of person, but I do listen to show tunes..."
Read the Interview & View More Pics >>

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