Monday, March 05, 2012

[DIALY OUTFIT] Cupcakes, An Outfit With Roses & Birthday Bounce Houses

January through March is a very busy time for me when it comes to birthdays. We celebrated my little sisters' birthdays this past super-cold Saturday, or at least it felt super-cold compared to today. Despite them turning 23 and 17, my mother still rented a bounce house and bought a pinata. It was a nostalgic kind of fun and that never gets old. If you're throwing a party for a close friend in his/her mid-20's, I highly recommend buying a few beers and renting a bounce house.

  • T-shirt & Sweater -- Wal-mart
    (Not the most fashion forward but they get some of the basics right)
  • Tights via Birthday Gift -- Target
  • Skirt -- JC Penney
  • Cupcake Necklace via My Friend Allison
    (I felt it was fitting for a birthday party)
  • Boots (Soon to be Retired) --

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Tina said...

Love the tights!!!