Wednesday, April 28, 2010

[RUNWAY JUNKIE] Sergey Ermakov's USA Debut Show

The Fashionistas did it again. This time, they brought Dallas the USA debut of Ukrainian haute couture designer Sergey Ermakov. From the first outfit out to the classical music overhead, I could tell that this show would be unlike any of the other shows I've attended.

The first part seemed like a battle between forces of light and dark - the climax of a fantasy movie where good and evil finally meet. There was a battling juxtaposition between the hard casing of the dresses and the light airy intricacy of the details. The feathers, sequins, lace and beads were instrumental in creating this effect while the strength of the music only amplified it.

The result was a completely breathtaking show.

The fashion show benefited the American Foundation for the Blind and Center on Vision Loss as Sergey himself has lost 95% of his site to diabetes. It's because of that last 5% that he does not like to be called blind. And after seeing these gowns, who could ever believe he is?

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The showcase piece of the evening was the Dallas Dress. Sergey is a big fan Dallas and Texas Cowboys so he made a showstopping wedding gown with that theme in mind - valued at over $100,000. His hope is that a Texas bride wears is to her Western-style wedding. I don't know who won the dress so who knows if a Dallas bride will get a chance to wear it.

If you'd like to see the rest of the fashion show, check out the picture's photographer Loc Truong and his Facebook Gallery.

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