Monday, April 26, 2010

[PROJECT RUNWAY] Did Anyone Else Think Hot Topic Nazis?

Project Runway,Style Geek,Fashion BlogAnother season of Project Runway has come and gone - this one a little bit more dramatic than the last but that's great for TV. Last Thursday, my girlfriend and I got a pizza, made some butterbeer and cheered for Seth Aaron all episode. There was even a moment where we wondered if we should kiss when he won - LOL - we're dorks like that... But they really did kept you guessing during the judging!

Speaking of the Judges, somebody on Twitter that night mentioned if Heidi owed Emilio money. I know his collection had color and structure but it wasn't WOW! until the very end. Then someone on Twitter and my girlfriend simultaneous said his print looks like vomit and I have to agree. Those aren't the most flattering colors to put together.

Project Runway,Style Geek,Fashion Blog

I liked Milla's collection better but they came off a bit ready-to-wear. I like her combination of black, white and gray (mainly because it matches my wardrobe) and I saw a couple of pieces I'd like to own. She did good by updating her model's looks. I especially like the one at the very end (Attitude!).

Project Runway,Style Geek,Fashion Blog

I would have chosen Jay in last week's episode, however, because his collection looked a little more outrageous. It probably would have made a better show. I also liked him better as a designer throughout the season. He had fresher vision.

I wholeheartedly agreed with Milla when she said that Seth Aaron's collection was like a "glamorized Hot Topic" but that's what helped him win. He pushed a little past the fashion edge into artistry and gave us a show. I wouldn't be surprised or disappointed, though, if Hot Topic releases a few pieces inspired by his collection. Especially because I loved those leggings with the plaid.

Project Runway,Style Geek,Fashion Blog

The casting for Season 8 has started and, as a total geek, I can't wait! And please Lifetime - no more Models of the Runway! We have enough with America's Next Top Model!

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