Wednesday, April 21, 2010


Today's weekly geek is coming a day early because tomorrow is so chock full of fun... I'm co-judging the Battle of the Brushes at noon in Irving and then I'm having a Project Runway-Finale-Viewing-Date-Night with my girlfriend tomorrow night. And somewhere in there I have to get my transmission looked at. I stopped at a red light and then slowly rolled backwards. "Daddy, Fix It!" didn't work this time because he knows very little about transmissions.

But the Project Runway Finale is tomorrow. Yay! My girlfriend and I are on Team Seth Aaron. His aesthetic is rock star chic and his overall attitude is so chill. It's a rare combination so I really hope he wins. I can't wait to see his collection. I know pictures were out on the web during fashion week but I like to wait and go at the show's pace. I'm a Project Runway Geek like that. (^o^) Also, I'll be microblogging on my Twitter, Myspace & Facebook during the episode tomorrow with a final posting at the end of the night if anyone wants to join me online.

style geek,eco,gree fashion,horse dress,reuse,recycle,clothingThis week started off with a horse. As many of you know, today is Earth Day and fashionistas everywhere are encouraged to wear organic fashion like this unusually cute Horse Dress by Mika Organic. They believe that it is "our responsibility as members of this planet to be sustainable and tread lightly on the natural world we live in" so all their dresses are made in part with 100% Organic Cotton, Wool & Mohair. It's a really great concept but it's gonna be a while before organic clothing is a staple in the avg. American's wardrobe. A lot of people still refuse to believe that we're hurting our Earth. Remember "The Day After Tomorrow"?

mantis project,style geek,eco,gree fashion,horse dress,reuse,recycle,clothingI heard about this while my parents were watching their shows in Spanish: Chilean designer Alexandra Guerrero makes clothing out of recycled cigarette butts! Not as gross as it sounds... And it may not be completely organic but it sure is Earth-friendly if you consider that at least 4.5 trillion [non-biodegradable] filter-tipped cigarettes are deposited annually somewhere in the world. After collecting roughly 5,000 cigarette butts, Guerrero purifies them, dyes them and a spins the butt's cotton fibers into yarn ready for production. The end result has been a few pieces that are 10% recycled cigarettes and 90% natural wool under the name Mantis Project. You can check out their blog for more pictures.

Please watch this video and tell me what's so offensive about it! ABC and Fox refused to air this Lane Bryant commercial allegedly due to the cleavage - it's too much. WTF?? SERIOUSLY?? How is this different from Victoria Secret commercials? Or some of the cleavage they on their shows? Lane Bryant agrees, "Yes, these are the same networks that have scantily-clad housewives so desperate they seduce every man on the block, and don’t forget Bart Simpson, who has shown us the moon more often than NASA, all during what they call “prime time." The commercial had to be rebuffed and re-edited three times and Lane Bryant threatened to pull the ad buy before they aired it at the end of "American Idol". I agree that it seems that "ABC and Fox have made the decision to define beauty for you by denying" the commercial in the first place.

Found this picture on Facebook. I love the overall look and feel of the photograph. It's by a local marketing and promotions company, Alimain Industries. The headpiece is amazing and I've contacted them about who it's by. While searching for it online, however, I did find this Studded Hair Bow on Etsy.

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I love the horse dress!! Thanks for entering my contest!! I will be picking a winner next week!