Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Did You Bring the Tea?


It's been over a month since Alice in Wonderland hit theaters - I went to the midnight premiere afterall - so I think it's safe to wear a top hat in public without being labeled an obsessive fan. But then I would be lying if I said that my love of top hats didn't stem from that weird goth affinity to the Mad Hatter.

But Hey! Let's bring top hats back in Dallas! Only a few people seem to dress up to go out and then it seems no one takes it that extra step. For example, if you haven't heard, neo-soul artist Erykah Badu stripped in front of Dealey Plaza here in Dallas for her new "Window Seat" video. She was fined for not having a permit but people are so torn on the message.

Style Geek,Fashion Blog,Top Hat,Erykah Badu,Winter Kate,Nicole Richie She went on Wanda Sykes last night to defend it wearing a top hat and a sequin jacket. Her look is very eccentric glam, a mix of textures that make you look twice without being tacky. I love it but if anyone knows Dallas, they know those liquid leggings will melt unto your skin in the heat. I played with the idea of shorts to really make it a Spring outfit and found some skinny Bermuda shorts. You can still wear a jacket around town before June hits but I figured the sequin tops gave heat-friendly options for warm-blooded people like me. I also tried to keep it cheap for those of us who have to save up for shiny luxuries.

Nicole Richie also featured some top hats in her F/W 2010 Winter Kate collection. But hers is a little more dandy. In a recent interview, she said her inspiration was the movie From Hell."It’s about the free masons and Jack the Ripper so it’s definitely about that time [period]..."
Style Geek,Fashion Blog,Top Hat,Erykah Badu,Winter Kate,Nicole Richie

It's a beautiful time period to reference, especially because of the top hats and capes. The whole dark romance aura doesn't seem to be dissipating any time soon. But why wait till Fall? Surely there is some way to have your dark romance right now while it's warm (or searingly hot as the case is in Texas) ... Speaking of dandy, did anyone else notice these mini-top hats with feathers popping up online?

Style Geek,Fashion Blog,Top Hat,Erykah Badu,Winter Kate,Patrick Mcdonald Top hats, of course, don't just come in black. If you Google Top Hat + the color you want, you can always find some reasonably priced. But if you're looking to add some real unusual touches to your outfit, I recommend searching for Cosplay Top Hats. People in the anime community are extremely creative and willing to wear ANYTHING. Example: I'll be sporting a blue suit and cape with blonde hair this coming June...

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