Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Plus-Size & Pretty = Curvy & Kickin' = PHAT & Fashionable

Jibri,Trunk Show,Dallas,Style Geek,Fashion Blog,Plus SizeI had the pleasure of attending a plus-size fashion show last Thursday at Ditto, a small consignment boutique by Lovefield Airport. The line is called Jibri and the designer Jasmine Elder (the one in the blue on the far left) came all the way from Atlanta to showcase her Spring line in an intimate setting.

She didn't want people expecting some big fashion show but rather something small for those who are really interested in the clothes. If you're in Dallas, at least a 1X and enjoy classy style, you should have been there.
Jibri,Trunk Show,Dallas,Style Geek,Fashion Blog,Plus Size
Fellow fashion blogger Chastity Garner was there modeling a beautiful aqua and white dress. I actually found out about the event through her examiner blog: Dallas Plus-Size Fashion Examiner. She seems very confident about her curves whereas I got to great lengths to hide mine sometimes.

The line is classic and vintage inspired. The structure smooths and compliments the curvy body. If you like it, you can vote for her as Plus Designer of the Year at the upcoming Full Figure Fashion Week.

I'm not really Jibri's target customer so I brought along my friend Allison to take some pictures.

Jibri,Trunk Show,Dallas,Style Geek,Fashion Blog,Plus Size Jibri,Trunk Show,Dallas,Style Geek,Fashion Blog,Plus Size
Jibri,Trunk Show,Dallas,Style Geek,Fashion Blog,Plus Size Jibri,Trunk Show,Dallas,Style Geek,Fashion Blog,Plus Size Jibri,Trunk Show,Dallas,Style Geek,Fashion Blog,Plus Size

That's right - there's a Fashion Week especially for plus-sizers! This is apparently the second one... but I never heard about the first one. (>_<) It's very exciting to hear about about this type of event. Out shopping, it always seems that all the horrible prints and weird cuts were reserved for people over a size 10. It sucks because so many women are over a size 10 and that shouldn't mean that they can't be pretty or feel glamorous. Jibri,Trunk Show,Dallas,Style Geek,Fashion Blog,Plus Size
I've met a few sizist in this industry and I believe they're just doing what they know as stick-figure beauty has dominated fashion for so long. But why be size-snob when there's so much money to be made? Why not be the deviant who makes a change?

Full Figured Fashion Week™ founder, Gwen DeVoe puts it best "Plus-size fashion is still not being taken seriously enough by the industry. It's not a novelty - it's a reality for millions of women across the country." Whoever figures out the secret to affordable, stylish, plus-size clothing that caters to these millions of women will be making some serious cash.

As far as my demographic goes, Forever 21 is trying with Faith21 but after an hour in the changing room, it feels like the clothes is joke made by someone who doesn't quite understand the taste and the bodies of curvy 20-something-yr-olds. (-_-) I could tell you a thing or two about the bodies of curvy 20-something-yr-olds...
  1. They're beautiful and fun to touch ... Don't hide them.
  2. They like smooth silhouettes with structured fabrics so what's with all this droopy jersey??
  3. They're not always unhealthy or unhappy ... So don't assume.

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