Friday, September 18, 2009

For Girls Who Like to Express Themselves

"It’s really for anyone of all ages. Girls who like to express themselves
through fashion and go nuts and wear some cool rock and roll pieces.
~ Avril Lavigne via PEOPLE

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I'll make a confession here and now: I've never stepped into a Kohl's in my life. So I've never seen Avril Lavigne's fashion line Abbey Dawn. But I really like what I saw of her SS2010 line at STYLE360 on Monday.

Staying true to her sk8r girl style, the line blends mainstream punk with trendy 80's funk. I've read people saying that it's too juvenile (it's for the Junior's market after all) but I see pieces I'd wear, like the horizontal stripe pants. They're probably people who loved her music back then but now think it's just not chic. The runway is full of bright colors and cute styles. If you want to express yourself through bright colors and punky prints, then please DO IT! Fashion, personal style, should be fun - like a pouffy skirt and a motorcycle jacket.

My friend has been trying to make suspenders happen for the longest time here in Dallas - I should how him this collection and remind him it's aimed at Girls 12-18 when he starts getting excited. That's his style, though, and he'll probably rant and rave that he did it first because it's fun.

Overall, it's mainstream and trendy - perfect for the Junior's Market. It reflects the Avril I worshipped as a teen. And Kohl's hits it with pricepoint too. For those still shaking your heads and saying "No! Never!" ... take a look at this necklace for $12. (^__^) You want it. You'll probably DIY one for yourself.


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