Saturday, September 26, 2009

STYLE ICON: Funhouse P!nk

P!nk is a rockstar - the very definition. Her music speaks to so many people (who hasn't had that love you thought would last forever?), and her style is edgy and laced with a "so what?" attitude. Her concert this past Wednesday did not disappoint. Her wardrobe was a perfect blend of the latest trends and the dark carnival around it.

These are the three main outfits from the night. Sequins, lace, a motorcycle jacket - watching the concert was like watching a fashion show. If you want her look, I had a little fun on Polycore and made a few looks using Funhouse as the inspiration. The first two are less than $200 and the last one is just a little over (biker jackets and boots aren't cheap), so maybe you can spread them out over 2 paychecks lol. Or if you're like me, it might be 3 paychecks *cries*.
P!nk Funhouse Outfit 2
TOTAL COST: $186.00
Mesh Sequin Vest
$23 @
Long Sleeve One Shoulder Tunic
$29 @
White & Black Spats Style Knee High Boots
$59 @
Sequin & Bead Multi Necklace
$24 @
Glitzy Sequin Leggings
$32 @
Gold Sequin And Bead Cuff
$19 @

P!nk Funhouse in Lace
TOTAL COST: $185.50
Miso Biker Jacket
$64 @
Sequin Mini Skirt
$27 @
Lace Satin Ruffle Top
$16 @
Penthouse Rhinestone Sandal
$75 @
Lace Heely Legging
$3.50 @

P!nk Funhouse Outfit 3
TOTAL COST: $215.00
Missguided Biker Jackets
$72 @
Purple Sequin Top
$51 @
Satin Flirt Skirt
$18 @
Black Plunder Buckle Strap Boot
$58 @
Bright Yellow Crochet Leggings
$16 @

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Rianna said...

Cool collages, Pink rocks!!!Soooo jealous that you saw her in concert! I think she has quite unique style.
Rianna Bethany xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx