Wednesday, December 08, 2010

[STYLE SCRAPBOOK] Fuzzy & Fierce

Today's inspiration comes from my blogroll: Trend de la Creme recently covered the "ushanka" or ear hat. In case it hasn't hit your town yet, there are people running around with fuzzy cat, bear, wolf and even panda hats.

I think it's a cute, youthful extension of the fur trend but the anime community has been putting animal-like these on top of their heads for far longer. Exhibit A to the left was taken over 8 months ago.

I got a plaid, bunny-ears hat and a blue kitty cap from a convention about 2 years ago. My mom is embarrassed to be seen near me with the bunny hat so I think she's hidden it.

Fuzzy, Furry, Fierce, Fashion Inspiration

Pictures from High Snobette, Trend Hunter, & of course, Trend de la Creme.

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