Tuesday, December 07, 2010

[STYLE SCRAPBOOK] Let Them Eat Pastel!

I'm at work right now so it's hard to finish my Top 10 Tuesday blog. Instead, I was looking at the pre-Fall 2011 collections on Style.com and Oscar de la Renta caught my eye (I think he catches everyone's eye) - more precisely his last 4 gowns caught my eye.

It's probably the colors but there's something pastry-candy-esque about them. Funny note about that, PASTEL (as in colors) translates to CAKE is Spanish. Maybe that's why these dresses set off my sweet tooth.

Pastel Inspiration

Pictures from Style.com, Rachel Poston's Flickr, Japanese Streets & Huffington Post.

This may be a new feature on my blog, my Style Scrapbook, if my hours at work increase after classes let out on Thursday. I know I'm not the only one who kept these journals and compositions books full of tear sheets from magazines. I tried putting mine in a large format sketchbook and never finished. I still have 4 shoeboxes full of sheets from magazines dating back to 2000, and a Seventeen magazine from 1991. Maybe one day...

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