Sunday, December 05, 2010


I walked into the local lesbian bar last weekend and it seemed that one in every three girls had a tie. I guess blogger Arlan at Stuff Lesbians Like had it right - neckties have become part of the lesbian culture. More precisely, a staple of lesbian style.

However, you don't see many mainstream lesbians wearing them anymore. I think, historically, they been a symbol of masculinity and that's stereotype many modern gay women have been trying to fight. But neckties needn't conjure up images of manly-power-suit-wearing lesbians.

Instead, ties have gone beyond the boundaries of male and female, femme and butch. If anyone remembers, Avril Lavigne made ties a trendy punk staple for girls, which then evolved into an accessory for the androgynous hipster, a style of which my girlfriend is a fan. She put this set together to express one way we've seen gay girls wear ties (though most prefer jeans and a button-up).

Andro Punk the Necktie

On the other hand, I prefer the balance of a skirt with a symbolically male piece (think about it, it just dangles there).

Femme Up the Necktie

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