Thursday, December 02, 2010

[DAILY OUTFIT] Do These Boots Go With My Activist Video?

GAH! It's the end of the semester! It's been two weeks full of final projects and then next week... exams!

My most recently finished project was a feature article about gay bullying and college students with a multimedia add-on for my Journalism class. We had a choice of doing a broadcast feature or a written article with pics.

I spun mine as an internet article where the video could be a preview on YouTube. Except for the fact that I needed a mic and I didn't use a tripod during one of the shots, I think I got great marks.

*crosses fingers* I need this class so I can transfer to the University and start getting my Bachelor's in Visual Communication Technology. Alex and I have this little dream of living together on campus.

The only problem is that I'll about 30 minutes outside of Dallas, where all are the local fashion action takes place and gas prices aren't going down any time soon.

Anyway, I know it's not fashion or style related but here is link to the YouTube video. Gay issues are still in my top 10 passions, for obvious reasons.

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