Thursday, December 23, 2010

[DAILY OUTFIT] Pirates vs. Cowboys: Who Would Win?

Daily Outfit, Fashion Style BlogCurrently at work and so unfocused. It's my dad's birthday, the day before a 3-day weekend and Christmas Eve Eve. I'd be surprised if anyone was getting any work done.

I love these tights - combined with the stripes, I think they make the outfit. Although the pirate shirt seems mismatched with the cowboy boots.

Daily Outfit, Fashion Style Blog

I have about a week to get completely updated. It's a local design and merchandising competition that draws fashion students from 4 other states. It's going live on the 3rd. My laptop is going to overheat at least twice this coming week.

Plus, I've been wanting restart the Dallas Fashion Connect - my directory and comprehensive event calendar for fashionistas in the Dallas area that I could not keep up with due to classes.

I know a lot of people don't believe in tarot cards but I read them occasionally when I'm stuck on an issue. When it came to DFC, there was no talk of money but rather human connections and knowledge. I know networking can pay off in the end but can you tell I'm still a little torn?


fashion junkie said...

Lovely outfit, especially those tights! Super fun!

p.s. oh I love birthdays! Have fun, and happy Holidays!!


Kiki said...

I say if you have the time, do it! I've been doing some searches for Dallas area fashion events, and everything is so sporadic! It would be so helpful to have one centralized calendar.

Style Geek said...

@Kiki, I hoping to get that calendar up this weekend and then the blog part where I cover events up by next weekend. The directories are pretty much set for now too:

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