Tuesday, November 30, 2010

[TOP 10 TUESDAY] Christmas Swag Bag for the Trendy, On-the-Go Girl

I think everyone's got that superbusy friend - she's always got something going on.

While she's always on the pulse of news and trends, it's also hard to peel her away from her phone. Sometime you hide it just to laugh at her reaction.

But just like she's on top of everything else, she's also the planner in your group. If it's your birthday, you better believe she's had the party planned for weeks. If there's an emergency, she's single-handedly starts the phone tree and updates everyone.

She thinks of her wardrobe and accessories as having some function, nothing exist just for the sake of existing. Every earring is like a tool when she attends social events so her swag bag is full of little functional gifts.

1: Xsmall Moleskine

$4.26 via Hyatts: All Things Creative

For that quick note. It fits in her purse and comes in sets of 2 in 4 different colors.

2: Andy Warhol Shoes Notecards

$10.80 via WarholStore.com

Thank You Cards, Invitations, Birthdays... They're Multi-Purpose Social Cards

3: Gold Glitter Nail Polish

$8 via Sephora

4: Flashy Flash Drive

$10.88 via 1PowerStore.com

Everyone needs a flash drive for one reason or another. Why not keep it pretty?

5: Love, Loss and What I Wore

$3.95 via Thrift Books

Great for pulling out on the subway or a long line. If you don't know what it's about, remember that our memories are often tied to our favorite clothes. Gingy, as the author is called, tells the story of her life through the clothes she wore.

6: Stila Travel Palettes

$10 per set via Sephora

7: Tassel Necklace

$5.80 via Forever 21

8: Chunky Cocktail Ring

$9.50 via Ebay

9: Hematite Studded Beret

$9.50 via Charlotte Russe

Busy girls need Hematite. What's so great about Hematite?

10: Heel Condoms

$20 for those pictured via The Heel condoms

If you're willing to spend a little more for the swag bag, these are perfect for busy girls who must travel or socialize for work. There's a few more styles at $30-$40 if you want some for yourself.


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StyleMeBAD said...

Love this. Sounds like ME you are talking about here! Great gift choices. I especially love the heel condoms what a great gift and funny name!!