Monday, February 14, 2011

[OOTD] Happy Commercial Love Day!

Fashion and love are in the air, and I hope everyone is feeling one or the other. As you can tell I'm not a big V-Day fan but I still hope everyone is spending it with their honey (or at some Fashion Week party).

I know the outfit doesn't really say hearts and kisses but I didn't feel like wearing red and pink. I'm trying to blend my style with a little bit of business, and so far black skirts seem like a great staple for careerwear. Marketing assistant for an international distribution company sounds like I should be wearing blazers but the truth is that we're not encouraged to dress up.

I also just chopped off my hair again - it was getting too long. My mom freaked out - again asking me if I wanted to be born a guy - but Alex really likes it.

Speaking of loved ones, I don't think flowers and candy and special dinners should be reserved for one or two days out of the year. If you feel like buying your significant other candy on April 14th, then you should, just because. If you see a flower on May 18th, pick it up and tie a nice bow around it.

P.S. Maybe I bought in to V-Day just a little... and got Alex a rose.


Style Me B.A.D said...

Cute outfit! I like the purple tights.

And I def agree with you. If you are only showing your partner you love them on VDay then something is wrong! I hope you had a wonderful day with Alex.

p.s I cant see the hair cut post a diff pic please! :)

Anonymous said...

Serious eye candy! i had to bookmark and please keep updating!