Friday, August 14, 2009

RETAIL THERAPY: Window Shopping = Cheap Date

Two things set off this cheap date: (1) we're so broke all we could afford was coffee and (2) she said, "I want to wear something other than t-shirts". For me, when someone says "I want to wear something else," it automatically puts me in make-over mode. Running from store to store, trying different looks, having a mini runway in the fitting rooms - it's a rush for me lol. Anyone else??

My girlfriend's uniform consists of baggy Tripp pants and t-shirts - and I don't mind it - but she wants to try something else. She told me she wanted appropriate clothing in case we went to more fashion events. She doesn't like feminine clothing but I got her into a corset lol.

My Girlfriend

We played around with her shape a little. This next one we really liked. The shape is girly but it is a very simple design. Funny, she liked it too!

My Girlfriend

I liked how this shirt reflected more of her personality: the shape is laid back and the stripes are goth-y. The fit - we still are debating that. Any thoughts?

My Girlfriend

This is everone's favorite. The look, the fit, the color ... the boobs! I thing everyone should own a fitted vest. It even goes with her checkered cuff. (^o^)

My Girlfriend

The biggest challenges in shopping for plus-size women is the prices (Fitted Vest: $44 @ Torrid) and the styles - they're not always the most fashion forward. I know it's possible to make good, fashionable clothes for plus-size women that won't set you back - I just have to find them. Until them, I'll keep playing "THE CLEARANCE NINJA" (*_*)

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