Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Ludacris' 4 Tips to Keeping Your [Lifestyle] Brand Relevant

When I go out marketing, I always keep an eye out for the Dallas periodicals. I like to see the city's diversity and our number of publications sure reflect that. I came across Rolling Out which I'd never seen before. I wanted to shared their little article that I do believe is very relevant to fashionista entrepreneurs. After all, Ludacris does have his own brand out right now and it's doing pretty well.


1. Treat people how you want to be treated.

2. Offer something new.
"As far as having a brand out there, what are you giving to people that they don’t already have? What are you going to do that’s going to attract them to this product?"

3. Find your target demographic.
“You always have to market yourself and promote and do things where you’re reaching out to your target audience. Make them feel appreciated.”

4. Give Back.
"It’s all about charity. You always have to give back... I think that’s extremely important because it has to do with karma. Whatever you put out there, you’ll get back."

Picture via CoolSpotters

EDIT 2012: Rolling Out website is dead and I haven't seen the publication around any more.

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