Wednesday, August 12, 2009

[WISHLIST WEDNESDAY] Cute Things You Don't Need (Like More Zippers)

Let me start by adding to the zipper trend. This is a zipper phone strap because once you have zippers on your jackets, your shoes, your bags, your skirts, your leggings, and your dresses, you NEED one on your phone. I'm wanting the rainbow one.
$8.51 @ Strapya
Zipper phone strap

Eat This! A hamburger pillow - the perfect gift for the person who has it all. I'll admit, it looks relly comfortable.
$38 @ LeeLees Creations
Hamburger Pillow

Picture via fashionbinge

I will keep you in my heart - but only if you're under 2 gigs. Heart-shaped USB drive that looks cute and can carry quite a bit. My only reservation is that anything less than 4 gigs just doesn't feel functional.

$20.58 @ Strapya World


Posh said...

The denim lighter is very funny!

JOWY said...

All the items are so adorable and so much fun!

One Love,