Monday, August 03, 2009

RETAIL THERAPY: *SIGH* I'm Gonna Buy Miley

I will admit (and hopefully not get tomatoes chunked at me) that I shop at Wal-Mart. They're trendy "Save Money. Live Better." wasn't what caught me nor was it the ability to get everything I need in one place - no, my ex-girlfriend use to work there stocking lawn furniture and building outdoor grills (I hear you snickering) and it was all we could afford because she had that discount. Even now, I'm making $10/hr and it's easier to shop cheap for lunches and save money for important things, like gas lol.

But the truth is I have bought clothing there before. I actually loved when Max Azria started doing some things for Wal-Mart. It's a good price. As for quality, you get what you paid for but it's not terrible. As much as trends come and go, certain closets just become storage units for pieces we religiously wore for a few weeks. Adding to this cycle is a trendy "fresh, rocker style" line by Miley Cyrus and Maz Azria. Despite the names and the reputations, I will be there this weekend buying a few pieces I deem necessary for Fall. The main thing I'm after is those Liquid Leggings she has in the above picture. Damn hot and shiny trends. There are gonna be so many girls walking around in those things... Am I allowed to stare and call it for the sake of fashion?? :-P

[ $7.00 ] [ $12.00 ]

[ $12.00] [ $10.00 ]

[ $12.00 ]
I buy this shirt in honor of my butch-dyke fore sisters.
Your hard muscles and choppy mullets will not be forgotten.

The total in my cart is $53 before taxes. How's that for a good buy? I know it's Wal-mart and I know what people think of Wal-mart but, seriously, I'm not the only fashionista making ONLY $10/hr, am I?

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modediktat said...

Hey, you've picked out some fabulous items! GREAT BUY! A true bargain! Each piece could be combined to other outfits, too! Love that!

Denisa L said...

great buys!love the plaid shirt!

Ashley said...

Not bad! Definitely some great buys!