Monday, August 17, 2009

[SKETCHBOOK] Have You Sparkled Today?

Inspired by a conversation I had with my girlfriend about aspirations, the many things that make us happy and this posting by le FASHION, I decided that I need a long tank that begs the question "HAVE YOU SPARKLED TODAY?" in sequins to go along with all the new shiny fashions. I want to wear it with that jacket and some liquid black leggins. Sparkle Fashion, Glitter, Happiness, Shiny Style
The idea behind the words is that there are things in our lives that just fit who we are and when we are doing them, we sparkle. We shine, we dazzle, and people can see this sparkleness that comes from, dare I say it, our souls. Right now my life is very dull in the career aspect. What I do is not what I want to be doing - it's not what makes me sparkle. Fashion is. My ex-gf saw it whenever I was working on my fashion homework and my current gf saw it when we went to a fashion event. Fashion makes me sparkle. That's why I keep at this blog. It gives me my daily fashion sparkle. (^_^) But there are other ways I sparkle - like Alex, like anime conventions...
What makes you sparkle? Do you sparkle daily? Have you sparkled today?
The world would be a better place if people allowed themselves to sparkle.
Increadible Hot pictures from le Fashion

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