Tuesday, August 11, 2009

The Art of Vending Machines

I was on Denim Maniac this morning and came across this picture of a vending machine for jeans. OMG, I thought, what's next? Because we've all seen the Ipod vending machines.


When the Ipod machines were introduced here in Dallas, my friends were all like "so cool" and "how novel" but I had known about these more-than-snacking vending machines for-like-ever because Japan did it first. Just like they have done for-like-ever. I still don't understand why anyone would pay for used panties, though.

Used Panty Vending Machine
Japan has been doing clothing vending for a while. It's nothing new. I would like to see it here in the U.S. though. Spilt coffee on your tie before that big meeting?

Tie Vending Machine

Sneaker Vending Machine

Other than fashion, I think these are some we could really use:

Quick Business Cards
http://www.photomann.com/ - Ever Needed a Business Card on the Go?

Phone Recharging Booth
http://www.photomann.com/ - I'm Sorry but My Phone Died

Recycling Vending Machine
I Honestly Believe We NEED Automatic Recycling Machines that Give Out Quarters

Do you think so much convinience, however, is good for a society? Do we need more types of vending machines here in the States? I still wanna see a jewelry vending machine or one for designer purses - just swipe your credit card. ^__^



modediktat said...

Hey there,
thanks for your lovely comment on my blog - so here I am back again!
OMG - those vending machines are too cool - especially the Japanese clothing ones. Eeeeem, I don't know if they're actually selling them any more in Japan - but a friend emailed me once with a picture showing a vending machine for worn panties... Eeeeeek! Okay... At least there is a market for everything...
The one with the ties is perfect! I would love to have some of them around - it would be a cash machine!
Wishing you a sunny + wonderful day!
xoxo, Sofie

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