Tuesday, September 13, 2011

[TOP 10 TUESDAY] What Are You Doing w/ Those Nails?? Top Nail Polish Trends

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PIC: Zeyra Pupe Doll
Over the past few years, nails have become the new hot accessory. Before they were cute additions to your wardrobe, you got them done because it's kind of expected especially if you wanted a complete, polished look. The women were few and far in between who dared layer colors and designs. Some people outright thought it was juvenile.

But times have changed as they always do and tiny brushes, stickers, gems and nail polish strips have all made it easy for women (and some men) to really pay attention to what their nails say about them. For this Top 10 Tuesday, I was moved by IFB's Project #12: Nail Fun to see what everyone was doing with their nails and how many people had learned to (in comic book speak) bend nail polish to their will.

1: Yellow

It seems like this Summer was all about keeping it bright but as Fall sets in,
let's see how this trends adapts. I'm thinking accents.
PICS: SugarSpiceStyle / The Looks For Less / Modest Mademoiselle / Mommy Posh / Zeyra Pupe Doll

2: Lots of Lines

Ever since cheaper nail polish brands started coming with thin, salon-style brushes,
the single line at the top has evolved into plaids and intricate line patterns.
PICS: 365 Days of Nail Art / Loretta / The Looks For Less / Yui Lohan Pupe Doll

3: Shattered

I think the crackle nail polish trend is pretty self-explanatory -
we've seen it spread like wild fire across the blogging community.
PICS: In My Shoes / Do You Speak Gossip? / The Looks For Less / べか✿ちゃん Pupe Doll

4: Multi-colored

I remember in the 90's when I was about 10, it was mainstream to paint
each nail a different color. I heard the 90's are making a comeback.
PICS: Pirulito Pupe Doll / Cantabrigian / Style Island / Made With Love By Jackie B

5: Accented

A derivative of the multi-colored nails (and an old practice really) is the accent nail
where just one nail is not like the others, be it via color or design.
PICS: Classic Noise / Fashionable Unicorn / Sugar Coated Style / 365 Days of Nail Art

6: Leopard Print

As trendy as leopard print has been for the past couple of months, why would it not
become a nail trend? Haven't tried it yet? There's no shortage of tutorials.
PICS: Grit & Glamour / 365 Days of Nail Art / Shoe Pendant / Lily O. Pupe Doll

7: Dipped In Glitter

I don't think beaucoup glitter is trend as much as a classic. It's very simple
and very pretty. I have noticed more use of rainbow glitter though.
PICS: Grit & Glamour / Vita Beata Est / べか✿ちゃん Pupe Doll / Style Me Bad

8: Cosmic Inspiration

Blogger Grinning Soul did a tutorial for galaxy nails which made me notice quite a few nails that look like starry skies. It's more than glitter but the color and blending that remind me of space.
PICS: Grinning Soul / Hippilaz Man / The Fashion Planner / Queen Pupe Girl

9: Art Project

The detail and technique make these nails masterpieces. Some people use little brushes while others prefer stickers or newspaper. And check out the Missoni inspired nails - that's patience!
PICS: Wendy Brandes / All The Cool Kids / 燃子 Pupe Doll / Stylelist

10: Polka Dots

Polka dots is a classic print that is fairly easy to do.
Like tips and glitter, I think this style might also become a nail classic.
Fashion Junk / It's Because I Think Too Much / ♥♪MIRKA♪♥ Pupe Doll / HINAKO Pupe Doll / hyun-sha Pupe Doll

So are your nails currently following one of these trends?
What do you think your nails say about you?


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