Monday, January 10, 2011

[DAILY OUTFIT] Lace Skirt Over Jeggings

OOTD Fashion Blog, Daily Outfit I got an interview! It's part-time for a cosmetics shipping company but it's a start.

It's been a while since I've had an interview so I'm little bubbleheaded about what to wear. I've seen people dress up leggings but maybe I should go safe with a pair of slacks. The only problem with slacks is that they've never agreed with my body shape.

I'll be keeping this black cardi handy, though, it covers my arm and wrist tattoos. That's good for the interview, but has anybody else noticed that some business have gotten lax about body art? I feel that's mental progression. I understand if the tattoos are offensive but what's wrong with a few stars on the neck or a quote on the wrist?

BTW does anybody remember putting skirts over jeans? It was inspired by Japanese street fashion and short lived. But that's a trend I'd like to see again. Maybe we can start with jeggings.


StyleMeBAD said...

Good luck on the interview. I think your best bet would be a pair of slacks and getting them tailored can really help for a better fit. Its always better to go professional over causal even if they say its okay. Slacks,a button and a cardi would be perfect.:)

And by knits over pants..are you referring to leg warmers? haha

Style Geek said...

Not knits, skirts :)

And thanks for the luck b/c I got it!