Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Top 10 Tuesday: Marie Claire Nov 2010 Highlights

The loft building where I work has a magazine exchange shelf next to the mailboxes - "Take One. Leave One." While I didn't have a magazine to drop at the moment, I happily picked up Marie Claire Nov 2010.

I honestly haven't picked up a magazine for more than 5 minutes since I discovered Google Reader, but there was a nostalgic bliss with every glossy page I turned. That's probably why I dedicated this Top 10 to Marie Claire - the first magazine I've read cover to cover in a long time.

1: The Cover

I know the strong shoulder is here to stay for a while so it's not a bad idea to add a little support to your shirts.

Jean Paul Gaultier La Perla Collection

2. Work Your Style

There's a great article on keeping your style while being a freelancer (read: homebody) but what caught my eye was this mixed-print outfit that was chic and attention-grabbing but still professional.

3: Rachel Roy Rings

Part of the Dark Glamour Look Like a Million for Under $100.

4: Splurge vs. Steal

I love mixed patterns, and stripes seem to go with everything.

I'm not sure I would wear this much color, but the overall look is really cute.

5: Mondo Guerra from Project Runway

I've been watching Project Runway religiously with my girlfriend and we're both #TeamMondo. Two weeks ago, he came out as HIV+ on the show and made this true-to-himself print.

Even though they are product placement ads by HP & L'Oreal, you gotta admit - it's great publicity for him. I really hope he wins!

6. Gunn Laws

I'm not surprised that Tim has his own column in Marie Claire nor that it's sandwiched between the Project Runway promotional ads, I'm just wondering when it happened.

7: Big Girl in a Skinny World
By far, my favorite read, not just because it's geared towards Fatshionistas, but because Ashley Falcon has great comebacks to common plus-size no-no's.

I especially liked her tip for incorporating the mens shirt into a plus-size wardrobe: don't wear a guy's shirt, wear a woman's tailored shirt 1-2 sizes bigger to achieve the my-boyfriend's =-shirt look.

8: The Bottom Line

I never understood why women hid their butts and tried to get rid of them via exercise.

Now all of sudden, fashion magazines are encouraging them to don falsies in their pants.

It's one of those things, I'll never understand about women, but oh well, more eyecandy for me.

9: Emma Roberts in Valentino

Cute little ruffles are one of those things I can't pull off but I love to see on other women. It's such a dainty, innocent look - two words that just aren't me but I'll die trying.

10: Chop Chop - The Shag

"Short is Chic. And Sexy. And Smart..."

I've always loved this hairstyle on other women so now I'm working with my stylist to get it. Did I mention the model exudes a kinda cool hotness.

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