Thursday, October 14, 2010

[DAILY OUTFIT] Shiny New Shirt, Not-So-Shiny New Plans

I'm an impulsive person. The shirt on the left is a crop top with sequins and lace and buying it meant being late to a family function on Sunday. That's not so bad, but sometimes I tend to act passionately on a whim. Starting Dallas Fashion Connect is a good example.

I didn't just jump the gun, I leaped in front of the damn bullet. I started a website with the mission of becoming a fashion directory of people and events in Dallas - I figured we needed one.

I never expected the website to be bigger than what I could handle. I denied it to myself for weeks because I am very passionate about helping out the local fashion scene.

I still want to make Dallas Fashion Connect a reality but maybe this time I'll think before I leap and have a set plan with set goals for my website.

And it might be better if I don't start a new venture and school at the same time. I forgot how much work a few classes can be!

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