Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Top 10 Tuesday: Quick Costumes You Can Pull Out of Your Closet

Halloween has been my favorite holiday since I could form an opinion. You would think I'd be the person who plans their costume months in advance, slowly sewing something original from scratch.

Nope. I'm last minute girl. I dig through my closet Halloween afternoon trying to put something together. Some of my success stories include Vampire Executive, Gay Pride Witch, and Undead Sorceress.

This Fall, a lot of the trends can easily translate into costumes so open your closet, pull out some permanent markers, and don't forget to make a quick run to your local dollar store or CVS.

Permanent markers? Don't underestimate the power of words on a t-shirt.

1. Off-Duty ModelThrow on a pair of skinny jeans and some cute boots. If you want to save yourself the explanation, grab a permanent marker and old shirt.

2. CatwomanChances are you've bought something leopard print for Fall - maybe even 2 things. Throw on your leggings, shirt, sweater and run to the dollar store for a pair of cat ears.

3. Badass VampireThe modern vampire doesn't wear a gown or cape. If you watch True Blood, you know most of them enjoy jeans. This Fall season brought us black denim, black lace, over-the-knee boots and red accents - just add some fake fangs and you'll quickly reach Lestat status.

4. Special Ops Secret AgentThrow on your military jacket and some combat boots, grab a (plastic) gun and go chase bad guys.

5. The Evil TwinThis is another costume you can do with all the dark colors in your closet. Just like the Off-Duty Model, a permanent marker and an old shirt can help out. Make sure to put on every piece of metal jewelry for this look and pick up a knife or axe prop before you hit the Halloween party circuit.

6. Apocalypse SurvivorMix draped clothing and a hoodie, throw on some blood and lock in a crazy gaze. Tell people you survived the zombie apocalypse or nuclear holocaust. Try to trade them food for batteries.

7. GoddessGrecian drape was a big player on the runway and if you got the dress, pick up some grapes and call yourself Aphrodite. Is it a black dress? Tell them you're Hecate, Goddess of Crossroads and Witchcraft.

8. Fashion BloggerWhite shirt, colorful marker, and anything else in your closet. You lose points if you're actually a fashion blogger.

9. The Walk of ShameThis is another way to wear boyfriend's shirt. Carry around a coffee mug and see who gives you candy.

10. Undercover SuperheroScribble "SECRET IDENTITY" on a t-shirt and pick up some lens-less glasses.

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