Saturday, October 16, 2010

Fashion Students Blogging as a [SMART] Career Move

There's a lot of chances here in Dallas for fashion students to network with people in the industry. But how do you make them remember you, a lowly fashion student?

My mentor and marketing teacher preaches to every one of her classes the importance of a simple business card. But what would it say? Jane Smith, Fashion Student?

A new friend, classmate and n00b fashion blogger recently told me that while he loves fashion, he wasn't sure about his career path in the fashion world. He didn't know where to concentrate and thus wasn't sure what to put on the card.

Why not his blog? It's a free and easy channel for his skills in fashion research and styling. And not just him, but fashion students in general.

Let's start with the fashion design student that hopes to one day establish her brand. Blog about your sewing classes, your mood boards, and the first garment you make. You're sure to gain some kind of following that can be the foothold for launching your own brand.

Let people know what inspires you, where you hope to be one day, and throw in some daily randomness about being a fashion student. So when you hand off your business card, you know it could be a potential fan of your work.

Maybe you're a fashion marketing student like I was (and mind you, I'm kicking myself for not thinking of this sooner) so your projects aren't about the finished garment but how you promote it. Do you know what people pay for those services? Blog about your projects and what you learned in class.

I remember doing a color trend board for the Junior market that really showed by ability to draw and make things flow visually. My teacher put it on display for a while. If you're in fashion marketing or merchandising, it's these skills that potential bosses look for so highlight them in your blog.

Are you thinking about becoming a stylist? Blog about current trends, your DO's and DON'T's for certain outfits, and give classmates free makeovers. You might even gain a following with that kind of content.

The point is that a blog can a be great stepping stone for anyone looking to get into the fashion world, whether you have 5 or 50 followers, whether you stop once you get a job or keep it going.

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