Sunday, October 24, 2010

Style & Tips from Fashion 2.0 Dallas Debut

Earlier this month, Jean Pratt, founder of the and pictured to the left with me, launched an extension of the very successful New York Fashion 2.0 here in Dallas.

The group centers around the changes in the fashion industry due technology. To join, you have to be fashion professional in Dallas with an online presence.

The first meeting featured a panel of local fashion entrepreneurs talking about online fashion retailing and the impact of social media.

It was agreed that Facebook and Twitter have changed the way people think about PR. Magazines aren't the only outlet for fashion companies; businesses now have to consider blogs and Facebook fanpages. But even though the speed at which we transmit information has changed, sometimes you can't beat good old word-of-mouth.

The biggest tip they gave for online PR was unplug and take time to think. Just because all the work is online doesn't mean that all the thinking should be.

The next meetup is on November 9th but the topic hasn't been posted yet.

And to the right is a little event style snap. I loved her slouchy top, scarf and fox tail bag accessory (which has been really big at anime conventions for years).

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