Wednesday, September 30, 2009

All About Agressive Women

I know this is a fashion and style blog but I had to say this:
Men are not real men because of aggressive women.
Men are not real Men because they chose not to be.

Let me clarify. I was in my Government class and the teacher begins talking about the socio-economic climate - the haves and the have-nots and stereotypes that go with them. Deadbeat men came up , of course - men, who by some girls' definitions in the class, are not real men. Then my teacher struck back: maybe they are not real men because the girls are too aggressive.

I had remarks. She drowned me out.

She said, "It's natural for men to be leaders...[not women]..."

Let's start with how women control 4 out of 5 stages of the buying process. Aggressive, yes, and we wouldn't do it if it wasn't natural. Sometimes we hesitate but as women, we will take control. That's what makes real lesbian sex so great. (^__^)

By 2010, women will control more than half of private U.S. wealth, or about $14 trillion.
"Men don't know how to be real men. Women are becoming too masculine."
How is making money and striving for self-realization masculine?

In 30.7% of marriages in which women work, they out-earn their husbands.
"Men have too much that they have to live up to - women with high education expect men to be educated too."
And that's a bad thing? I like that my girlfriends have similar mental capacity to mine. I like that they be willing to push themselves the way I do.

Women are central to 94% of home furnishing purchases, 91% of home purchases, 60% of vehicle purchases and 50% of business travel purchases.

"Women have forgotten their roles [in marriage]..."
I thought the role of wife was that of equal partner. True that they do control the purchases but they also look for input before they buy. Men who have opinions should give them, not just pull out their wallets.

I don't know what makes a "real man" in the eyes of a woman who wants one because frankly I'm not looking for one. I know my father worked very hard to get where he is and didn't stop just because it took my mom half the time to make the same salary. Cheers to the man who can see a strong, aggressive woman and not feel inferior. Then love her.

A man saying that women are too strong for him and giving up is one thing but when a woman says it, it feels like a step backwards in feminism. And that is just sans-style.


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P.S. My final remark that only two people heard was: Well if they're too aggressive for the guys, I'm sure other girls will be able to handle them. Just send a couple my way.

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