Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Thinking About Dallas Fashion

Dallas Fashion Show WARNING: This is a RANT POST LoL
SUBJECT: Dallas Fashion Now

I've been to a lot of different fashion shows in Dallas since starting my blog last year. So many that I undertook a new project were I would list them and make a one-stop depot for fashion & beauty events in the Dallas/Fort-Worth Metroplex - The Dallas Fashion Calendar.

And after a year of watching and studying the Dallas Fashion Scene, I've come the the conclusion that very little is actually being done to promote Dallas fashion.

I know it sounds harsh but let me explain:

1. A lot of recent shows I've attended have been for charities, and while I'm not against charity work, the focus is on the charity and the designers fall second, sometimes even third. A lot of the events also lack ground work before and follow up after the event so people forget about the designers.

Dallas Fashion Show 2. Where are the fashion editors and the fashion bloggers? I've attended a couple of shows that say they're promoting upandcoming designers but lack fashion media. How does that help the designers?

3. Where do I get that dress? I'm all for eco-friendly events but don't host a fashion show without a handout. You have to let attendees know how to contact the designer about buying. New designers can't live on runway alone.

4. Speaking of runways - there's been a few where the clothes is hard to see. That basically defeats the purpose of the show in general.

I also recently became aware of certain cities having fashion weeks - Austin Fashion Week, Houston Fashion Week, St. Louis Fashion Week - cities I didn't think would have fashion week before Dallas. Having grown up in Dallas, I'm well aware that it use to called a "fashion capital" - once upon a time. People still allude to it every now and then.

Dallas Fashion Show And what ever happened to Fashion at the Park, aka Dallas Fashion Week? Who knows. It was glamorous and everything a fashion week should be but I didn't feel "Dallas Fashion" was communicated very well.

If you're thinking, "Stop complaining and do something about it!" - I'm a few steps ahead of you.

Because I'm just a tad on the crazy side, and every fortune cookie has told me to, I'm planning a (hopefully) biannual event that could be Dallas Fashion Week. The main purpose would be to connect upandcoming designers with buyers, media, and anyone who can help promote them. As of now, I'm thinking 3-4 runway evenings with an Accessory Show to close out the night.

Maybe even start off calling it Dallas Fashion Week(END)...

Please note that the pictures had nothing to do with my rant. They don't pertain to my critiques. They're just from some local shows I've attended.

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Poetrygrl said...

I randomly did a hashtag for #FashionBlog on Twitter today and came across your tweet, which led me to this link. I've been in Houston for the past 7 years and have wondered where is the fashion, considering this is one of the largest cities in the country. I've always heard Dallas was more fashion-forward and I remember hearing about "Fashion in the Park" but I've still yet to visit. I'm excited to see that someone wants to change things. This post motivated me :)