Thursday, July 01, 2010

Inspired by the Street -- Hipster Meets Geek

Street Style,Dallas Fashion,Plush Nightclub,Fashion Blog This is another street snap I took while at the club on Tuesday. I'm always on the look out for guys' fashions because they're either repetitive (like a trendy uniform) or rare - like this guy who stood out in the club scene. He reminds me of George, my little gay brother I never had, who plays Zelda and hangs out at student cafes - hence the hipster meets geek. Half the time, though, he lacks the fashion sense to go with the title.

So this guy not only stood out, his suspenders and neutral palette inspired me. On the left side is cute and casual shorts while the right side is a bit more sophisticated. I'm not big on wearing khaki because it's always carried a work-uniform feel but I wanted to stay true to his outfit. There are ways to break the uniform, though, like adding a sequin shirt and suspenders. And a bow tie - I feel like a bow tie would have completed his outfit.

its like hipster meets geekFashion Trends & Styles - Polyvore

BTW those are jelly bracelets in the background. I've seen a lot of jelly watches around the net so I'm starting a syndicate to bring back jelly bracelets. I loved those things in high school!

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