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Finally, In a (FASHION) League of Their Own

This comes as good news to me because I always seem to end up with Butch (or borderline Butch) girls. I don't believe in the whole Butch-Femme Dynamic but I can't deny that skirts and wedge sandals put me in the Femme category. It also seems that feminine girls don't really go for me - I've tried. The few times I click with another Femme, I'm already dating another girl (a Butchy one). But I'm not complaining because I like all kinds of girls - whether they wear pumps, sneakers, or thong sandals in the Winter.

Up till now, the general view of Butch girls has been that they want to be guys. If you're thinking to yourself "Well, I never thought that" - trust me, you are in the minority. Yet, you can't really blame the people on the outside looking in - they don't really know these girls. They see them walking around in jeans and button-up shirts from the men's department and draw their own conclusions. After all, our clothing, our fashion, says a lot about who we are.

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"Butches don't want to be or look like men; we just don't want to wear female clothing," says Shaw Riley - and many of my Butch friends would agree. With this in mind, Riley started the Butch Clothing Company, a fashion label that caters specifically to Butch Lesbians. "All those years of having to wear men's clothes will be behind me now. BCC will make a lot of butch women happy. If they have ever had to put up with negativity from people because of being butch, my clothes will give them the confidence to hold their heads up high."

It's one small step for lesbians but one giant leap for Butch-Kind.

If you've ever had to dress a Butch (or Butch-Inclined Lesbian), then you know it can be hard because female proportions just don't conform to male clothing. We have hips, slimmer shoulders, and breasts, though I've know girls who wear sports bras to squish them down - some even bind them back. But like I was saying, it's can be hard for Butch women to find clothing that fits them correctly.

What about ladies suits and button-ups? Why don't they wear those?

And we're back to what Riley said about female clothing. Female clothing, even the masculine-style kind, is all meant to accentuate certain curves in a girl's body. Not many, if any, Butches I know want to highlight these curves.

"The concept of our brand is simple. Butches are women; they are women who choose to wear men's clothing. Apparel is a major part of the butch identity. We aren't reinventing the wheel, just allowing our design team to create clothing based on classic male styles and the latest fashion trends."

Pics Via Trendhunter

BCC is based out of Brighton (UK) and only taking clients by appointment, for now, because the suits, pants, shorts and shirts are all tailored to the client. Eventually, Riley hopes to map out areas of interest and set up consultation rooms worldwide, she told Butch Style. "[For Example] we have alot of interest in New York. So when we have a list of clients stateside in NY or willing to travel there, we will arrange a consultation room and offer the same service we do in Brighton."

New York... Weddings... Not Surprised.
Lucky Bastards.

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