Tuesday, June 01, 2010

[OOTD] She poured the drinks and she poured the power...

Diamond girl who could talk for hours...

ootd,Daily Outfit,Style GeekThis was my outfit for yesterday, Memorial Day. I'm not the barbecue type but I did go see Sex and the City 2. Gladly, my girlfriend didn't hate it. She actually likes Big's character.

I always feel myself more drawn to Samantha - I actually had friends who compared me to her, substituting guys for girls. It's really her brashness and independence I adore - even her selfishness makes you envy her. The first movie had more of that, though.

Carrie's deal with Big in this movie hit kinda close to home. There were times at the beginning of the movie when my girlfriend and I have each other knowing glances. Settling down has always been once of my biggest fears, and I let her know it early on. My last attempt failed miserably and the pain afterward was unbearable. Alex, however, is confident that I'm not doomed to make the same mistakes twice.

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Still, I don't ever want to be that couple that just stays at home on a Saturday night - even when I'm 50.

I leave you with a better look at my outfit and my goofiness. And some music: New York by Paloma Faith - in honor of my weekend's shallow pleasure SATC2.

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