Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Weekly Geek Out ~ 5/18/10

I didn't get a chance to blog so much last week due to some new clients in my web design business. Check out the website I just finished: Something4EveryoneBoutique.com - But I'm back this week, hopefully with more power! If not, then just more coffee and chocolate!

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So to start off, I saw these two pieces from Oak Black Label over at WithAsianStereotypes. It gave me some inspiration for wearing black in the blistering Texas heat, plus mesh seems to drape really well. All I need now is the right sandals to kick off this summer. Although, if you're anywhere near Texas right now, you know that summer has already started without us. Damn muggy Sundays...


And please write Ms. Campbell a ticket for trying to hard at the Vanity Fair party in Cannes. What is the first thing any good stylist will tell you? (Other than burn your closet.) Cute, outrageous trends are great for parties - just don't do them all at once. Funny thing is that I like what she's wearing as individual pieces, after all it's Valentino Couture. Thanks to Racked.com for the image, where 85% voted "Who Did This to You?"

So UK rapper Lady Sovereign is gay... Seriously cool but not a big surprise - she's been on my gaydar since "Luv Me or Hate Me" was released back in 2006. Her first gay interview since she came out on Celebrity Big Brother was the cover story for British lesbian magazine Diva. She told Diva that when magazines asked about her sexuality, questions would get stopped by her publicist... "It was my choice, too, because I was a bit worried about it but now I don’t really give a s–t... But it was a bit scary back then because some people do have horrible opinions." And they still do, but I think more and more, people are starting to realize that the music is good no matter if it's a guy or a girl singing it. On the flip-side, it seems that a lot of women are claiming bisexuality to get their names back in the media and promote their new music/movies/products. Looking at the cover, you gotta admit Lady Sovereign has great style. As a blend of punk, hip-hop, and emo-pop, it really reflects her music style. I weep, though, because I couldn't figure out who makes that giant zipper necklace nor have I been able to find a similar online. I'll have to find the magazine... Enjoy some of her music. "Luv Me or Hate Me" & "So Human" are my favorites.

As far as news goes, this is actually quite old (2007) but in terms of inspiration, it's timeless. For the Urban Outfitters Urban Renewal Project, Mari Santos transformed oversized t-shirts into cute tops and sweet dresses - these two were my favorites. If you're looking to give your closet a breath of life without breaking the bank, use an oversized band t-shirt from a thrift store or take one of your boy/girlfriend's (nonsentimental) tees. Remember, t-shirt jersey is great for hot summers and it's a great way to kill time away from school.

Pics Compliment of TreeHugger.com

Coco de Coeur
If you're feeling weighed down by the adolescent angst (in your early 20's) of trying to be cool and glamorous, try these slouchy, printed tees by fashion blogger and alternative model Audrey Kitching’s. She says the line is "Barbie meets Sid Vicious" - which would be the one-on-one of a lifetime. The tees are really messed up, though, sporting statements like "troublemaker" and "someone somewhere is sick of your shit" but that's what makes them so lovable. And at $35 each, the statement won't break your wallet. I'm really considering "someone somewhere is sick of your shit" or "punk rock ruined me"...

Call me old-fashioned but I love SJP in this 80's look. Tell me again what's wrong with tulle and corsets? My mom was still a teenager in the 80's when I was born so this fashion has always stayed with me. This production picture from Sex and the City 2 has me geeking out because I can't believe the theater date is so close yet so far away. When the first one came out, I had just broken up with my GF of 2 years. It was the first movie I'd watched alone in a long time. Weird enough, the movie was good therapy. Then I rewatched it with the girl who would become my ex's new partner - yeah, you read that right lol - at that point, I really, really wanted to get out of Dallas. But I'm happy I didn't flee because now I have a super-supportive and understanding girlfriend who will go opening night with me! ... In exchange for watching Robin Hood and Iron Man this weekend ... Like I mind lol.

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