Tuesday, May 04, 2010

[SHOP GEEK] Here's to the crazy ones... The misfits...

The round pegs in the square holes...

I swear I was actually doing my job at work when I found this on Google. So, of course, my spazzy inner geek had to click thru and find out who or what made this epitome of neon geek fashion. I'll never be the poster girl for Gaming Geek, but I do enjoy old school consoles like the original Gameboy Color and Atari. Since I started blogging and going to fashion events, however, my PS2 has been collecting dust. Oh, The Shame!

Anyway, the awesome online store that sells this eclectic accessory, Chez Rone, also carries other quirky fashions referred to as "Streetwear Glam".

The banner on the front page greets you with a scandalous assertion: PRETTY CHICKS ONLY! So do you consider yourself pretty enough to shop here? Sure do! Especially with sunglasses like these - not completely functional but if you can keep from bumping into people at the mall, you'll be the coolest person there.

The boutique carries only Indie brands that would appeal to the "dope girls/nerdy chicks/glam divas/barbie bitchs" so if you find yourself in these general categories (I already check off two), check them out.

Be prepared that while it's not super-expensive, it's still not Forever21 with their $9.99 leggings. Accessories like the neon ring start at $10 while some pieces can go upwards of $150. The cute pink shoes above are $72 while the shirts below run $20-35 so it's completely up to you.

I'm very much considering these three as an outfit. My GF loves the written word so much, those tights would probably excite her (>_<) LOL.

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