Thursday, June 10, 2010

I'll Show You Headcase -- Styling Your Scarf for the Summer

Hair Bow,Scarf,Summer,Fashion Blog,Style Geek,Dallas If you're living in the Northern Hemisphere right now, you might have noticed the warm summer air rolling in a while back. If you're living in Texas, you're laughing because summer never just rolls in - it charges in and takes over, relieving us of jackets, scarves, and occasionally leggings.

But what about that cute scarf you bought only a few months ago? Is it already time to pack it away? Or worse, give it to goodwill because you know it'll be out come Fall/Winter 2010? Of course not!

Pay a little homage to the 80's (again) and put it on your head. Bows are a really cute detail that aren't gonna die off anytime soon so just take the scarf and tie it into a big bow. Let it droop, let it be a little messy - either way it's cute.

Hair Bow,Scarf,Summer,Fashion Blog,Style Geek,Dallas Hair Bow,Scarf,Summer,Fashion Blog,Style Geek,Dallas

Hair Bow,Scarf,Summer,Fashion Blog,Style Geek,Dallas If you have on of those square handkerchief scarves (you know the ones that swept over America last Fall), it is a little harder but try fold/rolling it until it's about 2" in width. Depending on the length, you might be able to to make a small bow (yay) or you can just tie a double knot to add some lift to the hanging pieces.

There's gotta be something to this look if ASOS has some premade scarf-bows. They're printed with little volume on the scarf and are currently going for $13+. I'm not a big fan of the paisley one but I love the chain print. I'm debating between buying it or finding the print at the fabric store and just buying a yard to tie up. I think the fabric choice requires a serger for the unfinished edges. (>__<) However, E-bay may have solved my problem: I found some gorgeous chain-printed scarves for $5.99 in Red & Purple! Also, if you search for "chain print scarf" on Google or wherever, you're sure to find a design that fits your style.

Don't wanna wear it on your head?
Hair Bow,Scarf,Summer,Fashion Blog,Style Geek,Dallas Hair Bow,Scarf,Summer,Fashion Blog,Style Geek,Dallas Make it a simple bag accessory, but make sure to tie it to the handle's metal base less it move on you. After the we took the pictures and I started uploading them, my sister chimed in with a brilliant idea for added glitz: attach some necklaces and charms. So I strung two necklaces through the scarf before I tied the bow and Voila!

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