Tuesday, June 08, 2010

9-YR Old with Perfect 10 Style

Can someone tell me why I'm wanting to steal a 9-yr old's style??

I guess it soothes the ego a little when you consider the kid is Will Smith's daughter Willow. The outfit she wore to the premiere of her brother's Karate Kid movie looks like a cross between Rihanna and Mister T but you can't deny that it's bold statement is tastefully executed.

I wonder if she went up to her dad one days and asked for a stylist the way other little girls would ask for a pony. Considering her dad is a blockbuster star and her brother could be headed the same way, it seems like an incredibly smart move for a girl who won't be 10 until October.

Then again it could just be a little girl playing dress up - but I highly doubt that.

Image via The Huffington Post

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