Thursday, February 18, 2010

Mary Katrantzou's Crotch Jewels for Topshop

Do you remember when you hit puberty and Mom wouldn't let you wear certain shirts or dresses because the prints accentuated your new womanly features? No? Was it really just my mom? I saw Mary Katrantzou's new collection for Topshop over at Style Bubble and I love the jewelry prints! Printed jersey is great because it mixes comfort and casual with whatever the print brings to the table. In this case, it's lovely and bold - add some lace leggings and you got Spring.

But look at the where the prints are positioned ... Talk about body conscious clothing. You should buy one of these pieces if you have small breasts or if your boyfriend can't seem to find your vagina. Or if you're trying to prove you have vagina.

Or if you're like me and you wanna see you mom get prissy because Katrantzou's prints sure break the the traditional view of body emphasis. It's almost a feminist shout: "These are my breasts! And this is my crotch! And YES, they are my jewels!"

The female body is beautiful, though, and shouldn't be hid so kudos to Katrantzou for the emphasizing prints!

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