Wednesday, February 17, 2010

GET THE LOOK: Computer Engineer Barbie

Mattel,Geek Barbie,Style Geek,Geek Out,Geeky Style,Computer Tech,Techno Barbie,Barbie DollI bitched and moaned about Barbie's new "I Can Be" Computer Engineer Look yesterday but realized that I never presented a solution. Below are my own takes on Barbie's look. I didn't skimp on the pink because it's Barbie's signature color. The looks also keep the pink glasses because that's so Barbie...

This first look centers around pink binary leggings and comfortable sneakers, which I liked from the original outfit. Throw a trendy sweater over a black tunic-dress and I don't see any reason a computer engineer wouldn't wear this. And a laptop bag - pink yes! - but I am sooo surprised that she didn't have a laptop bag!

Barbie New Career Look 1

This one looks a little bit more grown up to me and takes more from the original look. The boyfriend blazer, though, would have the binary code on the folded sleeves - another little detail I liked from the original look. The flats are also a great alternative to the sneakers.
Barbie New Career Look 2

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