Wednesday, July 08, 2009

[STREET SNAP] Independence Day Purikura & Cake at Super H-Mart inCarrolton

In Carrolton, there is a shopping center centered around a grocery store called Super H Mart. My friends and I love to go to WithPhoto for the sticker-photo machines from Japan called Purikura. These are the ones we took. I wore a blonde wig specifically for some 4th of July pizzaz.


I also like going because there are always stylish people walking around. Though some turned me down for pictures but I managed to get a couple that day. My camera was acting up for this first pic so I ended up using my smart-but-not-so-clear phone.

Super H Mart Street Style
Super H Mart Street Style
Super H Mart Street Style

The middle lady on the almost didn't let me take her picture - I guess she thought I was weird - but I'm glad she did because this shirt-dress is so cute with the blue tights. The bottom shirt on the is the best part of that outfit, though, the color and bermudas really make the outfit scream Happy Fourth of July!

Mozart Bakery

Everyone left after that to get ready for the fireworks. Alex and I just chilled at the bakery Mozart for a little while and snacked on their super-awesome-orgasmic mango and blueberry mousse cakes and blueberry bubble tea. I recommend it for non-diabetics. (-__-)'

I, on the other hand, burned off my excess sugar by running around with colorful explosives till 1 AM. Some idiots next to us, though, set a small patch of field on fire. It was one of the best Fourth of July's I've had in a long time!