Tuesday, June 25, 2013

[GEEK OUT] #ManiMonday Brings You Gotham's Finest Eyeshadows

I am so proud of mysef - I actually did my nails yesterday and participated in #ManiMonday! (Though I should have posted this yesterday.) My nails normally chip too easily and quickly so painting them hardly seems worth it. This time around, I tried a sample of Nailene which guarantees "Lasting Wear" by cleaning residue off your nails and making the polish adhere better. My first chip usually happens within 36 hours and this time was no different.

I don't care how out-of-style it is, I'm finally trying some crackle nail polish. Like I said, I'm not a big nail person so this is the first polish purchase I've made in a long, long time. And since I'm in a very beauty type of mood, I wanted to share some killer eye make-up I found on Tumblr:

Batman Eyeshadow

Each look is inspired by Gotham City superheroes and supervillains. My favorites are Batwoman and Harley Quinn but I'm also very partial to these girls and these colors.

Batwoman Eyeshadow Harley Quin Eyeshadow

Poison Ivy Eyeshadow Batgirl Eyeshadow

I'm also impressed by the detail in Mr. Freeze and Dark Knight, though the rhinestones don't really match his persona but are a wonderful touch.

Mr. Freeze Eyeshadow Batman Dark Knight Eyeshadow

Which one is your favorite eyeshadow vs. favorite character?

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