Wednesday, March 06, 2013

[DAILY OUTFIT] Let March Begin With More Things To Do & Being Slightly Overdressed

I love my black suede trench, makes me feel like an anti-hero in a comic book. After this past (busy) weekend, I'm not sure how long I have to wear it. Texas spring is slowly rolling in like a warm stuffy blanket. This past weekend was also quite busy for me and this month gives no sign of letting up. Friday my friend Yuki had photography showcased at Denton Square Donuts and we went to the reception. Wearing the pictured outfit, I felt a tad overdressed.

Why so Startled?

Saturday and Sunday, we celebrated my sister's 24th birthday. Then this coming week will be our youngest sister's 18th birthday and that's a big one. She wants three new piercings in each ear but I doubt my parents will be happy if I gift her that.

March also marks the beginning of convention season. Alex has been working her ass off to complete the required inventory for two back-to-back anime cons at the end of the month. Her skills in chainmaille have grown tremendously since she started two years ago and her jewelry reflects it. The only glitch right now is how behind I am on her website.

We're wanting to add hairbows with bottlecap details that I will sew and draw before the first convention. However, my mornings are being taken up by what Alex calls an "ongoing, steady gig" a.k.a. a part-time job. Not that freelance design wasn't paying off, but when my old boss called me and offered me my old job back, I became greedy for stability. Six days in and I can't help but wonder if a steady income stream is worth waking up to 30 minutes of traffic and feeling tired all day from lack of sleep. I even forgot to ask for more money.

Good news, though, is that a little extra money means going to go see things like Naked Geek Girls Reading at All-Con on Friday. I was kicking myself for missing Nerdlesque, which included Ms.Pac-Man, Harley Quinn and Marie Curie Gone Wild.

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