Thursday, February 21, 2013

[GEEK OUT] Come to the Dark Side, We Have a Sense of Style

Predictable as I am, I found myself wanting to cross over to the Darkside after a double-feature weekend. Imwent to see Beautiful Creatures with Alex and her mom on Saturday then Hansel and Gretel: Witch Hunters on Sunday with my sisters. I'm easy to please when it comes to action and fantasy movies; I loved and recommend both if you haven't seen them yet.

Both movies, though, confirmed that I would be a villain just for the wardrobe. It's a thought I had before as it seems the bad guys have a bigger sense of drama when it comes to getting dressed.

Kendra the Witch in Beastly, for instance, employs volume in different places to seem a little out there. The Evil Queen from Snow White and the Huntsman, on the other hand, uses cold, rigid angles to express her dark dominance. The Darkside always demands a bit of showmanship, such as Ridley's plunging necklines.

Ridley Ridley Duchannes is a Dark Caster and Siren Beautiful Creatures, which means her true nature was bad and she was always meant to be a seductive villain. I think the black lace on sheer does a pretty good job of conveying just that. And while Gretel's outfits were pretty kickass, I couldn't help falling for the evil witches' outfits.

They do, however, have a bit of "Just Walked Out of Hot Topic" mixed with "What Century Are You From?" (which permeated through the movie in general). I couldn't take my eyes off the horned witch in Outfit #3 - I'd like to add a red skirt with a pointed hem in the middle to my closet.

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