Wednesday, February 13, 2013

[GEEK OUT] DC (Comics) Fashion Week ~ Superhero Style That Could Save Wardrobes

Drawn by artist Katrina Navarro about a year ago, these amazing designs recently popped up on The Mary Sue. I love how much detail she put into the designs, taking into account details from the character's original costume. I also enjoy that the designs are NOT costumes, but made up of pieces that you can buy a regular clothing stores - which is exactly what Navarro wanted:

"As you can tell, I love comics and superheroes. At the same time I also love fashion. I thought wouldn't it be great if I could go out dressed up like a Superhero but in a not so obvious way where people would ask me: Why are you wearing a cape? What’s the the mask?"

Black Canary / Raven / Green Arrow

Robin / Supergirl / Wonderwoman

These six are my favorites but you can view more at Project: Rooftop. Also, it seems that Navarro's tumblr is down or I would have a link.

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