Tuesday, July 10, 2012

[TOP 10 TUESDAY] Downsizing a Messy Beauty Counter to My 10 Carry-Everywhere-Essentials

I'm not proud of this but I felt it would be a good post. I let my little corner of the bathroom counter get way out of hand over the last few weeks. My beauty products have never been a high priority hence the mess of old, damaged and unorganized makeup.

It finally got on my nerves so I've decided to clean out and organize said bathroom beauty corner. I was completely surprised by how many eye pencils there were. In my defense, most of them - as well as most of my makeup - are gifts from Alex's mom. She enjoys buying for a girly girl.

The NYX Jumbo Pencils seemed really great a first but they get greasier with time and harder to sharpen. While getting rid of a few tubes of lipgloss, including a Kat Von D that went from glossy to sticky within a few months. How long are you suppose to keep a lip gloss?

But after tossing out a few things out and putting others in their correct place, I finally got my half of the counter to look like this:

Alex was doing a happy dance when I showed her. I swear I'm not that messy. I was doing a happy dance because I finally got my travel cosmetic bag in order as well. Which brings me to my Top 10, because unlike my women, I don't like my bags to feel overly 'chubby'. So I skimmed it down to the 10 items that are must-haves when I'm running around.

  1. Mini Brush & Mirror Case
  2. bareMinerals Flawless Definition Mascara
    My mom always stresses mascara as a must before leaving the house.
  3. Claire's Clear Lipgloss
  4. Two Faced Starry-Eyed Liquid Glitter Eyeliner
  5. NYX Black Eyeliner
    I feel naked without black eyeliner. It doesn't even have to be thick.
  6. Colour Riche Tinted Lip Balm
    It adds a bit of color and has SPF 15.
  7. Mini Nail File
  8. Fruit Frappe Body Lotion Sample
  9. Warpaint Beauty & Jeweling Eyes Eyeshadows
    I cheated here but until I find a small shadow pallet I like, I'll count these as one.
  10. The Body Shop DREAMS Sample Perfume
    I have about three other sample perfumes that I'll change out occasionally.
The Outlast Lipstain represents the optional #11 lip color that I may or may not carry. Alex likes those days because it means the color doesn't pass onto her lips (so now I'm using the lipstain).

So what are your make up essentials? What do items do you feel you need to carry in your bag at all times?


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