Monday, July 25, 2011

[DAILY OUTFIT] What Do You Do for Love?

Pants & Necklace from Hot Topic, Shirt from Ann Taylor LOFT. Check out the shirt's lace pattern & necklace pendant below.
I expected something bad to happen yesterday when my parents arrived at Alex's house - all past encounters pointed to something bad. But the only thing that happened was the unloading of mine and Alex's new bedroom set.

It's a hand-me down gift from my parents but that's one less thing to worry about when we move. Her mom has already gifted us a table, couch and some shelves.

We're basically moving with a furnished apartment! That's what happens when close friends or relatives move - you get a chance to buy new furniture and give away the old ones without feeling too guilty.

Back to my parents - while they are not the most understanding of people (though they try occasionally) and their faith keeps them from accepting me completely, it's times like these that I know they love me. The last time they came face to face with a girl I was dating was far from pretty so I was really hesitant when my mom said she'd drive the truck full of furniture to Alex's house.

The air was tense but there were no dirt looks or Spanish cuss words. I call it a success, and maybe even a step forward, though I doubt my parents will ever be as accepting as Alex's mom.

And speaking of the woman I love, we celebrated her 23rd birthday last Monday with Tres Leches cake and a new Mortal Kombat video game. This is were I realize that she's my perfect balance - where I was planning a big party, she just wanted a small, intimate get-together. Her birthday, her wishes, her choice of cake but that doesn't mean I went easy on her when we played Mortal Kombat.

EDIT: She would like everybody reading this to know that since Monday, she has practiced with Sonya Blade and kicked my ass quite a few times.


StyleMeBAD said...

awww Happy Birthday to Alex!!

You look great!

And I am sorry to hear about your parents not being so accepting of your relationship. They WILL come around. It is not easy for people to change their ways of thinking when it comes to certain things and of course once you throw religion into the picture all of a suudden there is a higher power involved (eye roll). I have faith they will come around, you are there daughter and they need to love you and the person you love regardless.


StyleMeBAD said...

oh and Mortal Kombat has a new game released??!!!! GASP.

Style Geek said...

Yes! And the graphics are so much better XD but I don't recommend losing to Mileena in a dark room.

Anonymous said...

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