Tuesday, June 07, 2011

[TOP 10 TUESDAY] Fashion Items Inspire Pirate Nostalgia

Pirate Fashion, Pirate Inspiration, Pirate Style, Fashion BlogFor almost two months now, I've been searching for a skull-printed dress in my price range and size. But those numbers just don't seem to be adding up. While skimming some ebay results I found this dress on the right. I wanted something a little bit more glam and badass but after a few days, this dress has grown on me.

It's incredibly hot in Texas right now (you start sweating before your car A/C comes on) so piling on heavy fabrics and sequins seems like a bad idea. Also, I can cut it shorter and hem it.

Watching the fourth Pirates of the Caribbean movie on Saturday cemented it for me. I'm a big fan of Captain Jack Sparrow and my girlfriend has turned me into a pirate geek like her. By the way, I totally recommend the movie ... and not just because Johny Depp is my straight crush.

Inspired by the movie and the Jolly Rogers dress I will be ordering when my paycheck rolls around, my Top 10 for this Tuesday is about swashbuckler style - pieces for the modern day buccaneer.

1: Long Leather Vest
It's a little outside the price range I was hoping for this post but it really looks like Sparrow's vest. The cut looks like it would fit amazingly on many body shapes. $233 @ BlueFly.com

2 & 3: Get Captain Jack Sparrow's Hair
I always thought colored hair extensions were cute but beads and feathers make them Sparrow.
$6 Printed Scarf @ Forever21 & $4 Hair Extension @ Etsy

4: Sexy Lace Up Corset
$78 @ Guess

5: Peasant Blouse
This is a great staple for the summer (FYI). Pair it with some leggings or short shorts. The printed ones are a little less pirate-y but just as cute. $80 @ The Outnet

6: PEEP-TOE Ankle CUFF Boots
These were really popular this past Fall season and the peep-toe makes them great for summer night dates. $33 @ Ebay

7: Ornate Buckle Belt
Belts haven't been big accessories for a while but trends always cycle through. Also, it's a little eerie how well The Buckle's belt looks like Jack's. $40 @ The Buckle

8: Medallion Necklace
Medallion necklaces by themselves are very pretty and great statement pieces. The pearls on this one are just added booty. $30 @ ModCloth

9: Skull & Crossbones Ring
$40 @ Kohls

10: Skull On Sword Necklace
$85 @ Noir Jewelry - This is actually from their Pirates of the Caribbean Collection.

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