Thursday, June 23, 2011

[BLOG GEEK] Tips for Bloggers With Writer's Block

A-Kon might be a big social event for people who like anime and Japanese culture but there's also informative, thought-provoking panels scattered throughout the weekend such as Fabrics of Costuming 101 and The Cruel Reality of Professional Webcomics.

I don't attend as many panels as I would like to and sometimes certain ones turn out to be a big flop, but the ones that stick in the back of my mind are worth it, i.e. "And the Band Played On: Is Writer's Block Real or a Myth?"

I dragged my girlfriend out of bed for this one as she is an aspiring fantasy novelist. And as a blogger, I tend to hit writer's block quite often.

There were four panelists - all published authors - who provided as much amusement as they did information. The three main points they made throughout the discussion made me realize that there is no writer's block just like there is no spoon - it's all a mind game with yourself.
  1. Writer's Block is more like a wall you hit inside a labyrinth because you went the wrong way. Retrace your steps and try a different path.
    (And don't be afraid to tackle any minotaurs.)
  2. When you're in the writing zone, beware non-creative distractions like chores, phone calls and the Internet. If you feel stuck, do something creative like drawing or crafting. It's important to be in a creative mood to stay in a writing state-of-mind.
  3. Remember, in the end, the reader takes what s/he wants from your writing.
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Keysha! said...

Great post! I often have a hard time thinking of anything to write about.