Thursday, June 09, 2011

Mistakes to Avoid While Blogging

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I've been doing a lot of reflection on this blog and the direction it's going (or not going). Consequently, I've been reading a lot of help posts for bloggers - what to do, what to do more, how to content... I think I'm oversaturated.

One of the the posts I really like, however, featured Seven Mistakes You Should Avoid:
  1. Not Planning Your Steps (Good Planning = Goal Achievement)
  2. Subscription Options are Nowhere to be Seen
  3. Neglecting ‘About’ Page Importance (GUILTY So Don't Read It)
  4. Not Having a Posting Schedule (Frequent Posting = Good SEO)
  5. Your Only Motive is Money
  6. Not Being Patient (Overnight Success? You Wish)
  7. You Hate Being Criticized

via Reviewz 'n' Tips. Make sure to click the blog to read more.

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